Our Story.

The company originally started in 2018 as a technology startup in the travel and tourism industry.

We largely funded the app development process by ourselves, also some funding from third parties but due to the inherently hard task of trying to become the next “Uber” or “AirBnB” like startup we ran into some difficulties along the way, this meant we had to get creative. This led to the creation of Y-Squared.

During this period of time as we developed our app and business, we started doing some development work for other businesses to help keep us moving towards our goal.

As we finally finished the app, the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. That’s when we made the decision to rebrand and fully pivot into the App Development, Web Design and IT Sector.

Since then we have built relationships and business partnerships with clients from many different parts of the globe and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.


Code team 1 and 2 are two scalable teams built using our network of contacts, Both teams are led by Robert our MD & lead Full Stack Dev at Y-Squared.

Check out his blog at Y-Squared.blog.

  • Code Team 1

    Frontend taskforce

  • Code Team 2

    Backend taskforce