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Yelian He and Yasmin Rowe agreed to create Y-Squared in 2008 – since we work well together and share artistic ambitions, it’d be ridiculous not to see where it could go!

7 years on, we’ve performed for a great deal of people in a tonne of beautiful venues around the world; in 2014 we won the inaugural Australian Cello Awards Competition Grand Prize (see that photo on the left? It’s taken within 5 minutes after the final round performance while we were still sweating), the Royal Over-Seas League String Competition in 2009, and awards such as Tunnell Trust, Kirckman Concert Society and the City Music Foundation.

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May 12th, 2016


Brighton Festival

Y-Squared performs at Brighton Festival on Thursday 26th May at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre at 1pm. Programme to include Chopin Sonata, Schumann 5 pieces in folk style and two rarely performed solo works by contemporary composers Kapustin and Henryson.

To buy tickets please visit here

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If you're in London on February 10th...

…don’t stay home that evening! Join us for an hour long evening concert at 6PM in St Lawrence Jewry

Tickets £10 at the door

To reserve please visit Eventbrite

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Happy Holidays to everyone everywhere!

Whatever you’re celebrating this time of year, please accept our wishes to you and yours for a safe and joyous end of year!

Click here to see a happy dancing tree next to a champagne flute, because why not?

OCTOBER 20TH, 2015


What I learnt with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

“2015 is a pretty special year for me. It’s the first year I’ve spent experiencing the 30’s, the first time my cello was swabbed and searched instead of me in an airport, and it’s the first time I’ve performed a concerto without a conductor – and with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to boot.”

Click here to see videos and photos from Yelian’s concerto performance with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Quality over quantity - but in this instance the more love that reaches our audience, the happier we'll be.

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